Merge geo-locations

Is there way to merge some imported from file->geo-locations to solid object? If it is not possible with a Sketchup, maybe another application can do it?
Thank you.

There is, but it will be hard with what you have there.

Thank you very much! It works.
You are right, it is really hard, there are about 200 areas.
May be 3DS Max can do it?

How did you get the terrain from Google Maps into SketchUp?

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By File->Geo-location->Add location.

Oh. That data does not come from Google Maps. Your first post is misleading on that.

Really?? My mistake sorry.

About 3 years ago the agreement by which SketchUp got data from Google lapsed. It has come from other sources since then.

Those other sources have been lower quality in my experience.

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Which other sources?

The Open Street Map satellite imagery is really crappy in the higher latitudes where I live. I can get better images and terrain from the free data of our National Survey.


I find google earth images to be great resolution. The other source or sources that geo location is retrieved from right now seem to be lower quality. I took a google earth snapshot and sized it correctly because the one that SketchUp used was too low a resolution to use.

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Do you know that it is prohibited to do that? ( even for a hobby, I understand)


That gave me an idea. You could use Skimp to combine the two areas and simplify the terrain in general, which can help performance too.


@Colin, when you combined the two terrains, did you get a single surface? Or are they still overlapping faces and loose geometry (edges), as they may seem from the picture?
The OP asked for a solid group.


I used MeshWrapper Tool and it created a new single grid mesh for the entire surface (it can by composed by several groups/terrains/pieces). Then you’ll add the Skirt and make it a Solid Group (as I already show you how to do it).

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look into LIDAR resources for your area

I could not merge my areas. Maybe I just could not find the necessary parameters in the advanced settings.
But it is very good for simplify. Thank you.

I did explode both things until it was one mesh, then made that be a group for Skimp to work on. There were still some artifacts left over, from where the edges of the old meshes were. I could have simplified it more, until those were gone as well, but didn’t want to lose too much terrain detail.

Point me to a better tool and I will use it.

PlaceMaker for SketchUp gives you access to high res imagery and terrain without violating Google’s terms of use.