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How is a rectangle drawn and using orbiting tool at the same time on the mouse and keyboard. The rectangle can’t be drawn in a wall for a window without changing the perspective of the wall using the orbiting tool and the rectangle must start over again.

Why is in necessary to orbit during the operation? Can you just orbit until you can see the whole area properly then draw a rectangle? If you must orbit mid operation use the center button (depress the click wheel) on your three button mouse to temporarily evoke the orbit function.

If you don’t have a three button mouse, you should. But you can use the keyboard shortcut for orbit to switch to the orbit tool mid operation then use the keyboard shortcut to return to the original tool (r for rectangle in this case) and your original operation will resume where you left off.

the wall with a depth of about 2 or 3 inches does not allow view of the inside part of the window frame at the corner opposite of the corner the rectangle began without orbiting from a different angle to complete the rectangle. Once the mouse is released to use the orbit tool to view the opposite corner (on the inside part of the frame) you lose the rectangle action and have to start over again. If the rectangle is completed as is the opposite corners will be lopsided (one corner of the rectangle is attached to the inside frame and the opposite corner is attached to the outside frame. The tool you mentioned will this address it? I know there is a tool but in one of the tutorial videos the author doesnt mention the way it is managed while addressing another project.

Yes, I’ll try the center button temporarily retaining the orbit function;

Do you have a three button mouse?

You do not need to hold the mouse button to continue drawing a rectangle. Just click to start the tool, move to draw the rectangle, click again to set it. Most SketchUp tool work best this way, click move click. Then you will be able to use the center button to orbit during operations.

I’m not sure of the 3-button mouse. The one I have is a “logitech” logo and left and right buttons with a wheel in the center. The left button moves the cursor on any program including microsoft word as does the arrow in sketchup. The right button shows a menu of list other options when pressing it. I found in Sketch library “fundamentals” module some info on the 3-button mouse but couldn’t find it for this specific function. I know drawing the window has numerous other option and could check the other ones


There are a few ways to get in and out of Orbit. The middle mouse button is one way that is certain to work, but I tested two other way.

One of those is to press some extra keys, and drag. The other is to click on the Orbit tool or type O. In both cases, while you are orbiting the rectangle that you had started goes away. But, after orbiting you can press Esc or R (or click on the Rectangle tool), and the rectangle you had started reappears.

thanks, that is correct when pressing “O” for the orbit key, but while in midway the “rectangle” action was instantly lost and started over again. But “O” key is certainly progress in the right direction. Just need to find how both are retained at the same time

the Orbiting option (“O”) after beginning the rectangle inside the wall impression, and pressing the “escape” key to temporarily exit out and having the “rectangle” appear again worked correctly as you said. And was able to complete the rectangle without lopsided effect inside the wall impression,
thanks again !!

Press the center wheel down is the third button. It orbits.

If you use O to switch to orbit tool, then use R to return to rectangle your operation should resume where you left off, no need to restart.

Using orbit button on mouse is easiest.

Thanks, will do !

thanks appreciate it