How do you navigate like this?

At 7:24 into this skill builder video, he somehow moves the object around in a way that I can’t duplicate using any of the navigation tools. Here’s a 10s clip:

In the first half of the clip he quickly moves the object so the he can see opposite sides of it and yet his mouse is relatively still. Then, in the second half he rotates the object around while the mouse is almost completely still.

How does he do this? Is he using the keyboard? I certainly can’t do that with the orbit tool. When I try my mouse moves all over the place. I’m often wanting to navigate like this to look at the other side of objects and if I could learn how to do it it would really help.


One of the SpaceMouse offerings from 3d connexion.

Maybe I should have asked “Is there a way to do this using a typical computer mouse” that mere mortals use…

Well, they don’t work with the web version anyway.

Center mouse wheel/button to activate Orbit. Cursor will have to move, of course.

Thank you @DaveR and @Box for the replies. I can accept that it’s not possible for me. SketchUp is still awesome.

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Anyways, you should get a 3D mouse whenever you can if you get a desktop sketchup version, it’s become an essential tool on my workflow.

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Me too. I held out for years, but now that I have one, it’s hard to go back.