How do I navigate on the model?

Absolute beginner in “shop” but successfully used SU in 2017 for several months. Now, can’t find tool to center or move to far edge, so I can size my imported object properly.
And incidentally, is there a true intro to “shop” that would teach me these things? The thing where you click “ok, got it” is completely useless, no real info.

Navigation is the same on Shop as it is in any version of SketchUp: use a 3-button mouse to orbit (and pan with shift key).

What if you have a track pad and not a 3 button mouse?

In that case, you’ll have to utilize the navigation tools, such as orbit. Use orbit to rotate around your model, and hold shift and drag to pan. I do this sometimes when I have my laptop and no mouse, and it does work if you make use of keyboard commands to switch between tools.

SketchUp is really built around the three button scroll wheel mouse. It can be used with a trackpad as @monospaced explained. Two fingers up and down on the trackpad is zoom in and out, and O is the keyboard shortcut to invoke the orbit tool. Space bar gets you back to the select tool. Using these you can operate SketchUp successfully on trackpad, but if you expect to really get into SketchUp, you should purchase a three button mouse.

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