Menu List Empty

I would like to create a custom toolbar based on a menu command.
However, the menu list appears empty. I’m running SU2023 on Windows 10. Thanks for any suggestions.

Go to Sketchucation and read through the latest pages in the Lord of the Toolbars thread. There were some changes made in 2023 that prevent features of LOTT from working as they did.

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That’s disappointing. Thanks for the info.

Since SU2023, the technical structure of the Sketchup user interface has changed drastically, making it impossible to get access to menus and elements of the user interface (like toolbars, tray, etc…).

So, I had to remove all functions related to menus in LOTT, as well as the ClearScreen features.

I am not very confident that tis will be possible to restore them in future Sketchup versions.


Thanks for the reply.

I was on vacation and couldn’t get back to you.

Darn that Sketchup making things difficult.

The rest of LOTT is great, though!

Thanks again.