[Extension] LordOfTheToolbars - Configure Toolbars in your workspace

LordOfTheToolbars (LOTT) is a set of tools helping you to configure your SketchUp workspace, especially when you have a lot of Toolbars.

The main features are

  • Single toolbar (Vignette Stripe) to access any command
  • Master List of all toolbars, extensions and native
  • History of commands, with Fast Navigation
  • Custom toolbars, mixing native and plugin icons
  • Personal Commands (document, folder, menu, ruby script)
  • CleanScreen mode, hiding most visual elements
  • Quick Command Finder, to search among icons and menus
  • Backup, Import and Export of configurations

A comprehensive coverage of LOTT main features by **TutorialsUp**.

An overview of LOTT

LordOfTheToolbars is published at Sketchucation, here.

LordOfTheToolbars - toolbar


It’s a bit like the old joke about waiting ages for a bus and then having three arrive at once. This, no doubt excellent offering from Fredo, just days after @curic4su’s Pie Menu!

it wasn’t a joke Simon! :wink:

when i have another plugin manager,It’s very slow to open SketchUp toolbar

Does LordOfTheToolbars work in SketchUp 2017? I cannot find it in any menu

From the first post of Fredo6’s thread at Sketchucation.

Screenshot - 6_3_2021 , 8_45_27 AM

Note that it also requires LibFredo6 V11.8 or above.

After making sure you have the latest LibFredo6 files also installed, close SketchUp and reopen it.

Instructions for using it are provided in that thread.

How do I tell which Libfredo6 I have. It doesn’t say it needs an update. But I do not see the version on the Extension Manager

Extension Manager will show you.

So will Fredo6’s Check for updates.

Where are you looking for the update?

If you have the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool installed and used that to install LibFredo6 and his other extensions, it could tell you that there’s an update available.
Screenshot - 6_3_2021 , 9_01_26 AM

For some reason I disabled Skecthucation Plugin Store. And the Fredo6 Check did not come up until I downloaded LibFredo6 11.8. Thanks, I had forgot about the arrows bringing up more information.