LOTT: Lord of the Toolbars- Shortcuts for favorite pallets don't work in SKU 2023?

My shortcuts are in the list, but they don’t activate when I press them. :man_shrugging:

There are some issues with the extension that Fredo indicated can’t be overcome unless SketchUp provides new API methods. Perhaps that’s what you’re running into. See the last page of the LOTT thread at Sketchucation.


Have these issues been solved with the 2024 release? @Fredo6

Fredo updated LOTT and reports are that it works in SU2024. You should use Fredo’s Check for Updates along with the Sketchucation Extension Store to update his extensions.

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Will do that and report back.

Look at these, too.

Sketchucation is the best source for information on Fredo’s extensions.

Shortcuts still have problems on Windows.

Due to changes in the UI of Sketchup, it might be that they will never work again.

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Finally, I found a workaround to enable the shortcuts again.

This is in LOTT V2.7b, jut published.

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