Medeek Electrical

It’s okay if you’re into amazingly functional plugins that make your work load 1/32 of what it would otherwise be. :wink:

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Thank-you for your vote of confidence.

I will say that all of the plugins are still works in progress, but they are progressing.

I have loads of input for the electrical plugin in terms of commercial application, if ever you’re interested. Nothing stopping me from getting work done, but certainly some niceties for both visual and BOM purposes.

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Feel free to send me an email or two with your thoughts, requests and/or suggestions. I am certainly open to feedback on what might make this plugin a better product.

Version 1.2.8 - 04.30.2021

  • Added optional metadata parameters for UK outlets and switches: description, circuit.
  • Added a circuit callout parameter in the General tab of the global settings.
  • Added a 5th dimensioning layer specifically for circuit callouts in the Layers tab of the Global Settings.
  • Enabled circuit callouts for the following fixtures: Switches, Outlets, UK Switches and UK Outlets.

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I’m having a bit of an issue with this plugin. Ive got the trial version and everything seems to be fine except that when I select a device to put into a model I don’t get anything in the model. The menu comes up and my cursor shows inference points however there’s no device to put in? Ive tried in models I have on going and created a new one and threw up one quick wall and same result. Any insight?

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Have you watched the tutorial videos yet? In particular Tutorial #1:

I did and I didn’t see anything that addressed this issue, did I miss something?

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Make sure the walls are “groups” and not just free geometry.

That seems to have solved it, they were components but not groups within the component.

Thank you very much, appreciate the quick reply.

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