Measurement settings

How do I set the measurements in GO to show inches and Fractions? Not inches and decimals

Screenshot - 11_27_2023 , 2_00_08 PM

You need to do it before you start your model.

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That’s what I have set it gives me 12.00 for 12" or 12.37 for 12 3/8" so what am I doing wrong. I just purchased GO so I could export but I can’t find a jpg or other exports that don’t use cad settings

Did you set the Default Template units before you started modeling? Note that I wrote:

You can change units in Model Info although for some reason it won’t let you choose Fractional units there.

The web version doesn’t have a JPG download option but it does make .png images. You can convert them to .jpg in any image editor if you have to have that file format

Your profile says you are using SketchUp PRo. If you have that as well as Go you can download your .skp file to your computer, open it it in SketchUp Pro and export a .jpg if that’s what you have to have.