Measure dxf import. Can I turn this topographic into a flat perimeter?

test1.skp (185.4 KB)

Just started learning SketchUp so on a steep learning curve with this question…

I use a measurement tool called ‘moasure’. It maps out points, perimeters, etc for my decking business. The moasure can export dxf files which I have managed to import into SketchUp. The original file contains not only ‘x’ and ‘y’ data (right and left for example) but also ‘z’ (heights). This third dimension is very useful for working out post heights below the deck level to accomodate for uneven ground level.

When this data is imported into SketchUp indeed it shows up as 3 dimensions. When I orbit down to the horizontal I can see the change in height of all the measured points.

I would like this 3D outline to be 2D. That is, just the ‘x’ and ‘y’ axis, not ‘z’.

I need a ‘flat’ surface so I can add my framework (bearers/joists). Then I can send to council the various views needed (left, right, top etc).

How do I make this topographic become a flat surface?

There is a variety of flatten tools available. Here I have used one from Thomthom.

The Drape tool should also work - draw a flat face underneath.

Wow you guys thanks so much. Champs!