Edit point co-ordinates


This should be easy but for some reason it is not.

I am using pro.

I want to view the coordinates of points and be able to adjust them manually. Specifically I want to check that a set of points (imported from a dxf) all have a z value zero.

more context:…

I have imported a plan showing the footprint of my house. I assumed all points had the same z value. but when I extrude the footprint to give correct z value it does not appear to extrude vertically so I assume Z values were not all equal when imported.

There are several ways you could do this. One would be to use Sandbox tools to drape the imported geometry on to a flat face. Just draw a large rectangle below the imported geometry.

Another would be to use an extension such as the Projection tools from Didier Bur or TIG’s Flatten to Plane to do it.

The Measuring Tape tool does this. It acts as an inspection tool in recent versions.

Just hover over a vertex, and the coordinates will be displayed in a cursor tooltip, and in the VCB (aka Measurements input box.)

Hover over a face to see it’s area.

Hover over a edge to see it’s length.


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Cool thanks chaps. So simple

Hi !

Maybe you could try this :wink:

THOM THOM’s Edge Tools²


image … the last icon could be for you :slight_smile: