Coordinates for a line in an imported cad model?

This is probably super easy but I need some clues to figure it out. I have a “model” - height lines/sort of terrain imported i SU via a dwg file. I have a separate excelfile of all the coordinates for the different lines in the model. But no real bullet proof way of knowing which value belongs to which line. So I would like dimensions or any similar tool i SU to give me the z,x,y values on selected line/point. Is there a way to do this and how?
I just want to figure out the real height difference in order to calculate need for stairs on walking paths.
Any input is most welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Susanne

Not sure if this is what you’re after, but if you select any endpoint with the tape measure tool (without clicking the mouse) it will give you that points XYZ coordinates in the model.

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You can use the text/annotation-tool for that.
select the tool and click on a point, it will give you the coördinates for that point.
@DaveR uses this feature to show people their models are not coplanar.

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Spot on - yes! I knew it was simple and yes Dave has shown this to me - so I should have remembered that! Thanks

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Hi Susanne. How are you doing?

@tweenulzeven is right. I use this feature all the time. You’ll have to open components or groups for editing so you can acces the endpoints of edges to get the Text tool to display coordinates.


Hi Dave, I am doing just fine! Spring has given me several advisory assignment which has been great fun - but only hand sketching (I am learning Concepts app - which is great fun) and focus on plants. Now I have bigger project again - which means drawing in SU - I am SLOWLY (way to slow ;-)) managing SU better. However I still avoid terrain because I find it too hard and I do it too little. But I want to manage it better so I try to push myself… one day I will be better… one day…
How are you doing? Enjoying summer?

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