Does anyone know how Use Moasure with Sketchup

Hi everyone I was wanting to know if anyone can help me figure out how to use Moasure with SketchUp pro. I am very interested I may be starting a job and need to know how to use.

I have never used moasure, so the following is based only on their website. They say they can export the data as a dxf file. SketchUp can import dxf, so that is the simplest way to go. Only experience can say whether there will be glitches or issues in the import.

It’s definitely doable. At least in 2d it worked quite well for me. I did a takeoff for artificial grass in a very large backyard. To make it a bit more accurate I broke the moasure down into 5 areas. Making sure to save each area in moasure. From there I exported them as DXF-2D files into drop box. After that I imported the files into my sketchup drawing. There was a little bit of work to rotate the areas and connect, but overall I probably saved myself a couple of hours by doing it this way.