How does one create a surface then flatten to a coplanar dxf?

Hey everyone! Very new to SketchUp but here we are diving head first. I am well versed in other 3d modeling software but not this one. In any case, I’m working on designing tents and I can’t seem to figure out how to go from a tent to dxf patters to cut out. I have done quite a few hours of watching videos and reading tutorials but haven’t made it much further than making my models. I have been using soapskin to make the surfaces between my splines but from there I can’t make any of the surfaces lay flat so I can use them as patterns. I tried using unwrap and flatten but it seems like I have too many triangles from the soap skin projection. Just curious if anyone has any tips or tricks to go from a tent to group of dxf files that can be cut out. I have attached my model and a couple pictures.

untited 2.skp (79.5 KB)

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Given the shape of the model, you could try a combination of intersect with model and unwrap and flatten. But it’s probably best to try Rhino with the Unroll Surface command.

your 3D model (testing) -
cort-02.skp (234.2 KB)


Rhino - Unroll surface

Mihai, Did you use Rhino for making the surfaces as well? Or is this a soap skin?

With PushPull tool

I gave Rhino just as an example of another possible way of modeling.