How from 3D stl make flat 2d dxf


I got following problem.

I have downloaded from thingiverse nice 3d shape - I would like to make from it nice 2D - dxf file - or just 2d shadow in sketch up.

I have tried to meke qube - and run over the 3d shape - and than erase it - but it does not work.

Can you help me.


First, explode the 3D Text object. Then do the following:



Almost working -no I can select flat surface - but it is flat and I can move it away - and it is not one surface.

I would like to make strictly shadow projection of component.

It is not extruded :frowning:


I think we’re having language issues–I’m not too sure what you’re saying.

Why not just show us what you’ve got–either a screen shot or the model itself.



Ok :smile:

Let’s try:)

Model is here and I am able to select bottom surface [
and I am able to make the group - and move it away - but how to remove the lines inside - and have only contour - and export this to flat .dxf


If by “lines inside” you mean the edges of the individual flat facets that form the 3D contour (they look like zig-zags), you don’t “remove them” because the model depends on those edges to bound the faces. Instead, you Soften/Smooth them.

Soften Edges dialog



Yes - that’s it ! almost

problem is that this surface is not flat - so whot I need is shadow projection - and completly flat 2D out of this -



Or you can edit the group and use the eraser tool to delete those edges.
Or you can use the plugin CleanUp (Thomthom) for a one click solution.

Or you can use a section cut in the middle of the object and the “create group from slice” context menu option…


you can do this with dxf export settings, using the original model…

post the link to the model…



How about this:



Thanks ! great forum ! It is solved !