Make curved surfaces to flat

hi . i’m working on a project with Sketchup and i need to know how can i make a wavy surface (sandbox tool) to one flat surface ? i cant undo it

Show us what you are working with and what you are after. Do you just want to project thesurface to flat or do you need to unfold it to flat?

Sharing the .skp file so we can see what you are working with would help.

using sandbox tool dont make them real just make it a little flat

You didn’t answer my question.

i need to unfold it

You can try Unwrap and Flatten Faces from the Extension Warehouse.

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let me check tnx

Another option might be the Clothworks extension from Sketchucation.

I didn’t let it finish flattening the surface but you can get an idea.

your first option worked. ( unwarp an flatten faces) i use smash option. by the way thank you alot

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