Unwrap and flatten face tool does not respond

Hi, I used the curviloft tool to create a curved face, but when I used the unwrapped and flatten face tool on it, it says not responding. It went on for at least an hour. I tried it again, but it still says not responding. Do I need to upgrade my laptop’s RAM or is the source of the problem the program?

From my experience with Unwrap and Flatten, I expect your curved surface is more that it can handle.

How do I fix this?

What do you mean fix it?

reduce the number of faces that make up the curved surface. or divide it into small sections and flatten them. Or use something else to flatten the surface such a Flattery.

I have a similar issue i think, I’ve been using sketchup for just about 2 months now, and I am drawing an awning frame for a bubble style awning. Which in 3d terms is basically 1/4 sphere. This bubble awning aka 1/4 sphere is further broken up into 7 unequal spaces, of which i’ve drawn exactly how this 1" square aluminum frame is currently built. Ideally I would like to be able to take each of these awning sections, draw them and flatten them into 2d patterns, so that i can then use to cut out the fabric to physically make this awning. I have attached a file of the drawing as I have it. Any advice or tips on how I should or could be drawing something like this, and then drawing the section I need in 3d, so that i can unwrap and flatten it in 2d for cutting on our automated cutting table ?BUBBLE for Testing UNwrapping-02.skp (285.1 KB)

It shouldn’t be difficult to do this. I can help you out but it’ll have to wait until I get home from work in a few hours.

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