How to make solid

want to make solid.skp (333.9 KB)
How do I close the lines to make solid?

For it to be considered solid it needs to be a volume. First you can add the curved surface either by hand stitching between vertices with the Line tool or by using an extensions such as Curviloft (if you are using a desktop version of SketchUp). Then you have to work out the rest of the shape. Here I’ve added vertical and horizontal edges to close the shape, give it a volume, and make it a solid group/component.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free (web) but you posted in the Pro category and your SketchUp model file does not have the web watermark. which version are you really using? Please correct your profile.

I am using pro for awhile now.
I did not realize my profile was still showing free version. Thank you I will Change that.

Good deal. And thank you.

Does the shape I show look like what you are trying to make?

Not sure how to change that in my profile.
I am actually wanting to make that a sheet then I will flatten out.

Like sheeting a dome shape

Click on the S in the yellow circle at the top right of the forum page. Click on the person icon immediately below the S. Then Preferences and Profiles. Scroll down to edit and add what you need.

So you really only need a surface, not a solid? I would use Curviloft as I indicated below (Get it and LibFredo6 from Sketchucation if you don’t already have them) and then I would use another extension to unfold it.