Flattening the skin for Wing Plane. Pls help

Hi bro / pro,

I am designing a RCPlane. However got stuck at flattening Skin. Please help
I have tried Flattery but it seems that the result is not at my expect. Is there any other way to make the skin become flat for cuttingwingskin.skp (412.7 KB)


I am not sure what you mean?

Do you want to take this wing and make internal support structures for cutting from wood/foam?

I think you are on the right track, you can use the intersect tool thats what I did when I made a plane using SketchUp for cutting.


This was part of my SketchUp model showing inside the wing.


This was after cutting

Liam, I think you’ll find he wants to make a template of the skin so he can cut it out of fabric or some sort of semi-flexible material.

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Ahhh I see, ok!

Yes well if that’s the case, in terms of the model above. I took my measurement’s from SketchUp and I re-drew them out in Illustrator.

However maybe this plugin would be helpful for you: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

It would create a net from the wing section for cutting (from fabric).

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Sorry for my English but Box is saying what I mean
I want to make a template of the skin. My material to make the skin is depron. Is there any extension better than Flattery?

Not sure sorry. When I made mine I just stretched out the fabric by hand over the wing ribs, marked it and cut it to size myself.

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