3D printed RC plane cowling

Greetings to all!
Recently I bought 3D printer, so I am designing and printing some stuff for my house and hobby (building and flying RC planes).
Until now in all my projects, I had (at least two) perpendicular sides. Now I am trying to draw (and print) a cowling for my RC plane. I designed top and bottom sides (which are not perpendicular), and plus all side surfaces should be rounded, and I do not know how to draw those sides, so I would appreciate a help/tip/advice…
I am using SketchUp Make for all my projects.


I am trying to model and print something similar to this:

Super Decathlon 1400mm - Cowl

For your amusement, encouragement and instruction, some similar threads started some years ago by @Robajohn who finally finished his plane

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Hi Anssi…

I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much for instructions…
This tool and topic are amazing: I completed my cowling within an hour…
Happ like a little baby…

Thnak you once more and regards,

I’d love to see an image of the resulting model (and/or a printed part)!

FT Bushwacker Cowling.skp (1.3 MB)

Hi TDahl,
Thank you for showing an interest.
Please find sketchup file. I just put model to print, so will see tomorrow does it fit and how it looks like on the plane…

Best regards,

Looks a good shape, but all of the higher faces are reversed (shown in blue-grey).

That will technically make it not a solid (in SketchUp terms) and depending on how tolerant your 3D Slicer software is, might cause it not to print.

R-Click on a white face in SU and choose Orient faces.

Or install the plugin Solid Inspector 2 from the Extension Warehouse, to check for other features that might make a model not a solid. (Reversed faces were the only problem in this model.)

Hi John.

Thank you for a gret tip: I installed Solid Inspector 2 and fixed it in a minute…
Actually, I was wondering why this top object is in blue-grey and now I know why: reversed faces.

Regarding printing: object is still printing but it seems that Cura did a good job, it seems that it will be printed correctly…
I am relatively fresh in 3D printing. Until now I did not have to take care that objects needs to be manifold. For sure I will learn a lot and thank you all for that…

Best regards,

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