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Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I am trying to learn 3D and architecture, so I want to understand what the terms and symbols in a layout denote. Like in the attached floor plan image, the top most measurement is 1500 but that does not equal to 300+300+350+535. So how come 1500? Also can anyone please explain why the sub-divisions of 300, 350 etc are marked by a slanted line instead of just points?

So this isn’t specifically about the program called LayOut, right?

To your first question, the overall 1500 dimension at the top is anchored to a different point, at least at the right end, than the 535 dimension. The chained dimensions are dimensioning something other than the 1500 dimension so it shouldn’t be surprising that the chained dimensions don’t add up.

As for the slashes at the ends of the dimension lines, that’s just what the person who made this chose to use. That could be their choice or their company’s standard appearance for dimensions. You could use dots or arrowheads or other end treatments. There’s no message in the use of the slashes, though.

In your image, first line of dimensions are for interaxes of the walls, and the second one for total length.

Any idea then why the overall 1500 dimension at the top is anchored to a different point in left and right, what for… to denote what? For example, in the right top most section, there is some small space between end of line with dimension 535 and the end of line with total dimension 1500, why and what it denotes?.. Because this small space looks even smaller than the width of walls.

And what is the standard width of walls? How much you think is the width of walls in this floor plan?

You’d have to ask the author what they were intending with the dimensions. I wouldn’t do the dimensioning at way if I was dimensioning that drawing.

That depends on where this structure would be built and what it would be made of. Not enough information provided in that drawing.

There is no standard width. The walls/columns in this plan seem to be 15 cm wide.

I hate to look at a plan that I think I ought to recognize but cannot.

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The image is very blurred, but even then you can see that your groups of chain dimensions above and left of the floor plan do not start and end at the same points as the overall dimensions. In Layout this happens if the snap point of the dimension does not snap to the endpoint of the element. This often happens if the Snap to Grid option is turned on or the item has multiple close points to snap to. Little example:

In this case, the drawing must be zoomed in and the snap point of the dimension must be edited by moving it to the correct position.

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