Finding Endpoints in Layout

Occasionally, I have difficulty finding endpoints in Layout which makes it difficult or impossible to set accurate dimensions. In this file, there are very few endpoints that LO recognizes. But it does find some. It seems quite random. Operator error?


OK, I think I have solved it for myself. That drawing creates a floor plan from a horizontal section (my usual practice). I came across another thread on the forum that suggested you have to add Section from Slice. That works. But I don’t recall having had to do it before. Odd.

I used to get this frequently Simon until (for me) I realised it was because groups, eg wall, floor, were intersecting each other.

Once I became less sloppy in my modelling it stopped happening.

Sometimes when I’m trying to snap in Layout and I can’t find a snap point, when I go to the model it’s always because groups are intersecting with each other.

But, yes, Layout won’t snap to native section linework - it needs to snap to linework below the section plane.

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When you say “less sloppy”, how do you mean, Paul? Using groups and components is an essential part of working in SU, so how do you avoid the intersection issue?


I think I have just discovered why this drawing is causing problems when others haven’t. It’s to do with visibility of lines. I usually make my floor a Group and my walls another. In past drawings, I have just hidden the joining line in elevations, which is not a line I need to dimension. But in this case, I had hidden all the lines defining the base of the walls including the internal ones.

Actually, I think this may be a useful lesson for the unwary. It doesn’t seem to me to be necessarily intuitive that a line that is there but hidden should also be unavailable for dimensioning.

I guess I can delete those Groups from Slices now!


Not sloppy…

Are you rendering the view in Raster or Vector? Sometimes I can’t get a point to snap, I change the style to one with back edges on… this is not noticeable when rendering vector, but it changes the output when rendering raster. Often if I need to snap to something that is not easy to find I will switch back edges on, dimension, then switch to my ‘presentation’ style before exporting.

Are you talking about dimensioning in SU? If so, I was referring only to dimensioning in LO. It seems that visibility of lines was the problem but maybe turning back edges on would also have done the trick.

Layout. If you turn back edges on you can snap to them. Handy when I have joinery or pieces that or cut into other pieces and I need to show a measurement. The lines touch, but you can’t snap - turning on back edges let’s you get to those points.