Dimension objects in groups with layout


I created a basic 20’x 25’ building with walls that are 8’ high. I grouped the walls. In layout, i am trying to create dimensions by picking the corners of the walls, but layout is not letting my snap to the corners, Seems that I can’t snap to entities that are within a group?


Yes. The Dimension tool will snap to corners/endpoints on geometry that is grouped in SketchUp. Is it possible there’s something in the way of the points you’re trying to snap to? Can you share the LO file? If you don’t want to make it public, you can send it via private message.


Concession_Stand_3D.skp (1.9 MB)
Concession Prints.layout (2.2 MB)

I’ve attached bot the sketchup file and the Layout file. I’m trying to dimension the exterior length and width of the building which should be 20’X25’


OK. I’ll have a look.

Don’t really need the SKP file since it is in the LO file already. :wink:


I think it might have to do with have it in “ortho” mode. I just took it off of ortho mode and was able to snap to exterior points?


There is nothing for the Dimension Tool to snap to because you have the edge on the top of the walls hidden. I unhid those edges in SketchUp and had no problem adding the dimensions.


Partly. When you set the view as you did, only the edges nearest the camera are available to snap to. Your edges were hidden.

You shouldn’t be setting the view the way you did which resulted in your “Edit” scene showing as modified. Instead, create a specific scene in SketchUp that shows the view you want. Never let the scenes show as modified in LayOut. That will create problems for you.


Got it. Thanks for the help!