Maxwell Render - Changes SU Scenes?


I spent what seems like forever doing a photomatch scene, and when I hit render in Maxwell, it not only zoomed in and only rendered a portion of my scene, but it actually changed my scene and screwed up what I had been working so long trying to align. When I go back into the scene, the match photo remained in place, but the view is zoomed way in and out of wack…grrr.
Anyone run into this issue?

Luckily I had a duplicate scene, but now I’m afraid to hit the render button again.

I don’t know anything about Maxwell, but PhotoMatch and 2-point perspective views in SketchUp are not conventional perspective views but some kind of special 2D projections, and renderers usually support only perspectives.


I’ve had a similar issue with Vray.
try this, get your photomatch scene all lined up, and then with the advance camera tools create a new scene and lock the camera. Now, while in that scene just add a new “regular” scene and try to render that.

Hi there, you may need to alter the viewport settings in the maxwell Scene Manager. You can toggle between pixel for pixel output or just a ratio match from memory, I’m not in front of my machine at the moment. I think you can also set black bars to show in the viewport to reflect the maxwell settings. I had this prob when trying to output pixel for pixel sonincoukd overlay some line work in photoshop.

There is a video tutorial on the 2 point perspective and maxwell on their website / YouTube channel