Materials rendering bright turquoise

Hi All,

I keep experiencing this issue in vray, where a material will render fine, and then, without changing anything on the material settings, it will start to render in bright turquoise.

I’ve tried remaking the face and reapplying the texture, I’ve tried only using the materials you download from vray, but for some reason, this keeps happening.

I’ve also tried duplicating materials that I know work, and changing the jpg in them. It seems to keep happening with wood textures, which I can’t see how the image in the jpg can have anything to do with it, but it is something I noticed.

Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?

Are the faces correctly oriented?

Yes they are.

When I swap out other jpgs, the rendering works. It’s just certain jpgs that irritate it and I’m trying to figure out what that is… maybe file size or … not sure yet.

I’m not using VRay, but I have noticed recently that some mis-oriented faces that used to be gray are now turquoise? It’s not all of them and the gray wasn’t always an issue, the turquoise visually pops out in a different and strange way.

check to see if the jpeg is saved as a cmyk profile. I’ve seen that generate this kind of weirdness. i generally try to save them as rgb.

How can you find that out?

in an image editor, depend on what’s on your machine.

or you could share here 2 images, on that works fine and one that doesn’t.
don’t just drag the images on the forum, they could be converted. zip’em up and share the zip file.

that way, if it’s not rgb / cmyn related, we can still poke at the files :slight_smile: