Materials missing

Hey team. I’m just getting to grips with SU for iPad. When I try to add a material to a face the only options I have, are for colours that are already in my model. No default list of colours? I can import a colour from 3d wharehouse but this seems like a slow process when I just want to paint a face red…
What am I missing here. Thanks…

Make a new color and you get iPad’s color choice box, which (don’t hate me) might be more comprehensive than desktop’s color choices.

Hey. Thanks. I just worked it out. My next question is, how do I retain those colours and tags that I have created for the next drawing.
Also is there anyway of storing and retrieving components that I have made.

I don’t know of a way. I suppose if you had a buttload of custom ones that you didn’t want to lose in the next model you could open a copy of the first model and delete out the model to start again. If you have the program set to auto purge on save though, you’d have to make sure each texture was still applied to something. Otherwise you would just have to recreate each palette each time I think. I wouldn’t mind being proven wrong though.

My research leads me to the assumption that right now components ARE being stored, but are not any menus from which to retrieve them. The outliner menu that is threoretically being worked on for the iPad has been hinted at serving a multitude of functions that includes the component menu. But this is still in a future implementation I assume.

Actually… I have a curiosity here. If I open a file created in my pad, which includes components, on my desktop, will my created components be in the menu all listed about and selectable? I will have to check this later… nowhere near my computer at the moment.

I did this today. Used Trimble Connect to move a model full of created and named components off the iPad and into the desktop version. I was actually kind of disappointed when the components menu was empty. I had hoped that they would be there.