Material Pallets (SU Pro Win base colors) to Import into SUiPad_


Until the SUiPad Materials Panel will be given a library of native pallets, you can try importing these two models into a New iPad file (they are based on the SU Pro Win material pallets named: “Colors” and “Colors-Named”).

Each file contains a grid of rectangles, each rectangle represents a color-swatch whose material color was taken from their respective pallet.

The rectangles are assigned to the tag: "Tag_Pallet (Hidden).

From the SUiPad Home screen, click Add from button and choose one of .skp’s, or if, in an existing model, click the Import icon in the Navigation Bar.

Turn off the visibility of “Tag_Pallet (Hidden)” so the colored-rectangles don’t get in your way while modeling. Make sure to add another tag and make it the active . tag BEFORE modeling.

In the 3D warehouse, " jsc_associates " can also be searched to download the two .skp files with the Material Pallets.

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Fwiw, all (edit: Other)collections are available on the 3D warehouse in their catalog:

Native Apple pencils:

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Mike, I went there but I didn’t see anything called “Colors” or “Colors-Named”.

I was trying to post links to the 2 models with the palettes in the 3D warehouse which would allow them to be downloaded, not the type of links that I posted above. Do you know how I can do that in this forum?

I edited my post:)
In a browser, go to the model you intent to share on the forum and copy the address in the browser.
Then paste it in your post, preferably after a return.

We didn’t add the Colors library to the collections in 3DW because it was debatable as to whether it was more useful than simply creating a new color, using the iOS color picker options.

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Too many screens to get to that picker. The same on markup tool. I know how that works is Apple’s responsibility, but I think you did it better on desktop and I have also seen a lot of other apps with greater accessibility to color pickers.

Hi Mike:

My reasoning for importing a model’s pallet into a model (other than bypassing having to create a bunch colors manually) was in dealing with models from existing projects. The project may have a particular pallet where certain colors are used according to project guidelines, for example: construction phases, areas of a building, or areas of responsibility during construction. And some of the applied colors in a pallet haven’t been used yet because the project is still ongoing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that SUiPad Materials Panel can’t display the swatch names, just colored thumbnails. I wish it could. If it did, then the user could use swath names to apply predesignated project colors to geometry.

I would like to suggest that this feature could be added to a future version of the Materials Panel.

I would like materials panel to be more inline with desktop. Access to offline libraries would also be important. I like to keep project materials tightly controlled so I can bridge it with renderers and also Layout material tables/legends.

Having too much in model materials that aren’t actually needed is prone to confusion.

Component and styles libraries are also needed.