Materials don´t show In model

I was so pleased when Sketchup 2024 showed up since I have had problems with 2023 version with my materials. But the problem is the same on 2024 version. I can´t see the Pattern materials at all, they are all grey. And also no materials show in my “In model”. I work om Mac. I also have a PC and everything works fine there.

Have you an active display style that doesn’t show textures (Hiddeen line, Monochrome or Shaded)?
Can you post a model that shows this problem?

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It´s the same with all models and all styles. It´s the Materials tray that is empty (In model) and grey tones (Patterns).

this tray works fine! Just Roofing and Patterns that are just colors and no pictures

Same problem and experience here. I hoped this problem would be fixed in 2024. And at first it was, but now my ‘In model’ tray stays empty again. And the click on the little house does nothing. My pattern tray works fine by the way. (not greyed as Jennie has) But it’s annoying, also because I can’t purge materials anymore. Only reason I can think of that may have triggered this bug, is that I created two lists of materials (paint collections). Those work fine, by the way. But maybe that started something? Please help!