Material Palette Bug

I have encountered a problem with the Materials window/tray since switching to SketchUp Pro 2018.

This bug seems to be related to some specific components/models that I have been copying into new files. The attached image is very basic, but shows the problem. I am able to select materials with the eyedropper, and I am able to create new materials, however any materials that are in the imported components or are created using one of those materials as a basis do not show up in the Materials window/tray and do not show the little white triangle in the corner of the swatch that indicates the materials are being used in the model.

I have been able to replicate this problem by copying (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) these components into a new file and also by importing the components into a fresh model. I am attaching one of the simple components that causes the problem.

I am using SketchUp Pro 2018 on a Windows 10 machine. please let me know if you need any other info or if I need to try to be clearer in my description of the issue.

Component_1.skp (44.2 KB)

I see the same issue with your component on my mac in v18…

there is no ‘material’ assigned to any faces, even though it clearly shows…

was the model created in SU?


I am on windows 10, I also see no material in materials window, material does show in entity info and model info.

If a save a one of the components and open it through the component browser into a new model, the material is not there at all.

Hi John,

Thanks for trying to help me out on this!

Yes, the model was created in SketchUp - it has been a while since I originally drew this component and the others I am having the same problem with, but here is a basic outline of how these were drawn:

The original drawing was done in SketchUp Pro 2017, and I don’t remember encountering any problems then, but I no longer have 2017 on my machine to test.

  1. Imported a .jpg file (which was an export from a pdf) of the floor plans the client was using.
  2. Traced the perimeter of the floor plans using the Line tool.
  3. Selected the geometry and created components

I don’t remember anything specific regarding the creation of the materials I used to color the models, but along the way, some of those imported .jpgs may have been used to paint the objects during the drawing phase, but mostly, I have been using simple materials without image texturing.

Interestingly, the model info does show the right number of materials, they just aren’t all showing up in the tray.


This is clearly a BUG.
The material [Material8] is applied to a ‘container’ [i.e. a component-instance] - not a face
BUT there are no materials at all listed in the model’s Materials Browser.
If you add a new face to the model and use the eye-dropper to select the material from the container, then it is applied to the face successfully, BUT it is still NOT listed in the Materials Browser !

Nothing on ios viewer:

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