Materials Browser Problem

Sketchup Pro 2019 Version 19.0.684, iMac with macOS Mojave 10.14.4
The materials browser works fine with the native materials supplied with SketchUp Pro 2019. However, I imported a pile of materials from SketchUp to Layout from Matt Donley. When I select one of these imported materials for the first time in a model, it works fine. However after that whatever imported material is selected, only the originally selected material will be applied. The native material still work fine. This was a problem in SU 2018 as well. I don’t remember it happening in earlier versions. Attached are some screen shots of my files so you can see the path and file names. Many ideas? Thanks.

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I’m having trouble understanding exactly what’s happening here. Could you explain a bit more? Provide an example?

there is a known issue with some ‘imported’ materials…

if the originator of the .skm file has either maxwell or twilight installed, then any .skm file gets ‘added’ attributes written to them…

these attributes cause this behaviour when the .skm is accessed on a mac…

if either of you PM me one of the .skm files I can see if that’s the issue here…


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I created those .skm’s. You’re right, I probably had Twilight installed at the time. I’ve never heard of this issue before.

Is there a way to fix easily? Or do I have to recreate the materials from scratch?

This is all quite fascinating. Now I recall that the problem popped up when I switched from PC to Mac a few years ago. It is a nice collection of textures. I hope they can be made useable by the Mac users out there, apparently a small minority.
Thanks for the insight.

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SKM files are actually renamed ZIP archives with XML files inside describing the material and texture properties (along with actual texture image files in a subfolder.)

If you know XML you could probably manually edit the XML to remove the Twilight attributes.

If you know Ruby, you could likely write a script to do it automatically using standard Ruby File class and the RubyZip library gem.

As I remember, @TIG also wrote a SKM library that is still posted over at SketchUcation. (Although not sure in this case if it’s “cleanse” these attributes.)

my mac only script uses system to unzip the .skm and then image rep to create new .skm using the image file and name…

@Matt, if you have the original images it may be easiest to recreate the .skms with ‘all’ render and material plugins disabled…


Thanks @DanRathbun and @john_drivenupthewall. John, you are right. Looks like there is some Twilight attrribute in there, apparently causing the issue.

I think you’re right, it’ll probably be easier for me to simple recreate them using the images, instead of trying to figure out how to write a script to remove the attribute.

Thank you for the help!


Yeah, you changed it allright:
image l

key=“matt_changed” …:joy: