Materials Not Showing

In the Materials section under Default Tray, one of my students Materials tray does not show any color selection nor any materials to choose from.

We are using 2018 Sketchup Pro.

Have them repair the installation. Find the installer, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when the options show, choose Repair. This has to be done with SketchUp and LayOut closed.

thanks Dave. Stay healthy!

You’re welcome. Did that work.

You stay healthy, too.

The school district ITs have to do this on student laptops. So that will be reinstalled soon.

I am wanting to build my school in Sketchup. Got simple floor plans. Students would choose things to build from a excel sheet. Anyway I have a plan and would like to make it work. Would be cool!

Thanks for your help Dave.

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Sounds like a good project. I hope the students have a good time with it.

Hi Dave,
I’m trying to use the follow me tool on the 3d rectangle. I drew the vertical rectangle, drew an arc, used push/pull. With the move tool I dragged the top line down to midpoint line to create an angled slope.

I create a “face” for the follow me tool to extrude around all four sides starting where I had stopped the line when pulling it down. You can see it is in the file. I did draw lines for the face shape to be extruded with the follow me tool. It’s not working though. I have had follow me extrude the front side where I moved the rectangle down and actually around the corner. I have had the face extruded going to the left side rather than the right side.

Did drawing the 3 lines for around the rectangle face to follow became the problem?

Appreciate your helpFace and Follow Me.skp|attachment (106.5 KB)