Materials and Styles do not show up

I have installed SketchUp version 18 on a new laptop. When using Sketchup the Materials and Styles are not available. If I import an existing file the materials on the existing file show up in the Materials box in the Default tray but no other materials are available and they disappear when I close the existing file. Also there are no style options available on the Default tray. I have tried refresh and list view but still nothing.

This sounds typical of incorrect installation. Repair the installation. Close SketchUp. Find the downloaded installer (Downloads folder?) and right click on the installer. Choose Run as administrator and then, when the options present, click on Repair.

I cannot find anything called an installer. If I right click on the SketchUp file there is an option to run as administrator but this simply starts the SketchUp program.

The installer is the file you downloaded from so that you could install the program. Look in the Downloads folder. If it isn’t there, you must have deleted it. Go to and download it again.

Don’t do that.

I don’t see anything like that. What would the file name be?

What did you use to do this? That is what you need.

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It should be something like SketchUpPro-2018-en.exe

Cannot find any file with that name

How did you install SketchUp on this computer the first time?

Did you follow the link I provided a few posts back to download it again?

My son downloaded it from the SketchUp website. We will try uninstalling it and reinstalling.

No need uninstalling. Just repair the installation using the instructions I already gave you in my first reply.

Your first reply says to click on the installer BUT I can’t find the installer file (.exe)
I have tried using Windows to uninstall but SketchUp does not show up as an app.

Go to the download link that dave gave you above, download the installer and right click on it and choose Run As Administrator.

My first reply says:

This was assuming that since SketchUp had just been installed on your computer, the downloaded installer was still in the Downloads folder.

There is no need to uninstall SketchUp at this point.

Since it has apparently been deleted, download it from the link I provided:

Once it is downloaded, right click on it and follow the instructions I gave for repairing the installation.

Is there any chance you are using the Browser version and not the Desktop version?

OK I downloaded it again and then right clicked and then clicked on Run as Administrator but no option for Repair shows up, it simply runs the install.

I didn’t know there was two versions. How would I know which I am using?

Did you download the same version of SketchUp that you had installed? Or did you download SketchUp 2019? If you are installing a different version than you had, it will install as a new program and won’t repair the other one.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2018 and you wrote:

When you open SketchUp, what does it say in the Welcome screen? Or if you click on About SketchUp in the Help menu?

I downloaded version 18

Show us a screenshot of what you have running.