Materials and Groups Trouble

I find it very cumbersome to work with materials and groups.

First of all, I can’t seem to apply a material with the Bucket tool to a group? I have to get inside the group and selected the faces. Is this correct?

Secondly, what is the easiest way to identify the material of a group? Sometimes the material diffuse appears in the Entity Info and sometimes it does not.

In any case, diffuse is not ideal to identify a material. To get the material name I have to:
Double click group > click face > double click choose paint in entity info tray > click edit

So 4 steps and 6 clicks later I finally get to the material name. Is there a faster way?

Make sure you have the ‘in Model’ collection in the tray on the left (click on the little house icon)
Press ‘B’ to activate the paintbucket tool, hold ‘Alt’ modifier key and click on a material in the viewport (‘the model’)
The sampler tool will then ‘load the bucket’ with that material and it should be highlighted in your listview.

The color of an object (group or component) will be ‘inherited’ on entities that aren’t colored within that object.
When applying textures on a face directly, you have some more control on the sizing and direction.

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The Alt key is surely helpful here, thanks!

I still can’t tell why I can apply a material to a group and sometimes I can’t. It seems quite random to me.

Materials on faces override materials on group/component containers.

Best practice in most cases is to apply the materials to the faces and not the containers.

Hi there I had a similar problem but these sorted me out; they may help you too but in any case well worth watching - not too long, less than 45 minutes for all 4.

How can override this override?

Meaning, have my object no have a material per face but rather per group

Leave the faces inside unpainted so they only have the default material. If you’ve already applied a material to the faces, edit the component/group and apply the default material to them.

Be aware that with textures your choice to paint the component/group containers means you give up some controls of the appearance of the texture. It’s your choice, though.