Can't change material

Hi all,

I can change the material of the outer part, but I cannot change the material of the interior part.

I had previously used the paint bucket tool to change the material of the interior part, but I wouldn’t expect that would make it impossible for me to change it in the future.

Sample.skp (68.6 KB)

double click on the glass and then you can change materials/color.

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Thank you!

Why can’t I change it the same way I can change the outer part?

If you applied the mateerial to the group/component container you can change the material by clicking on the container without opening it for editing. If you apply the material to the faces inside the group/component you have to open the group/component for editing to change the material. Same as adding or editing the geometry. Materials on faces override materials on group/component containers, too.

This is a fundamental part of SketchUp.

Thank you. When I originally applied the material it was to the group, not to the faces. That is why I am now confused as to why I can’t apply a different material to the group.

Either you applied the material to the faces before you made the group for the glass or opened the group for editing to apply the material or you changed something about the way the groups are constructed. Looking at Entity Info while selecting the group clearly shows you have the material applied to the faces, not the group.
You can check this for yourself.

Yes what you are saying makes sense, which is confusing because I know that I applied it to the group with one click.

You must have done something else at some point in order for the material to wind up on the faces. Perhaps you used Thru Paint to apply the material?

What is Thru Paint?

It’s an extension for working with materials. Apparently you’re not using it, though.

Did you exploded the group after applying the material?
Or probably you got into the group and applied the material while you were holding shift, that way you’re able to paint all the geometry with one click if everything had the same default material.