Remove material from grouped objects

Hi, Does anyone know how to remove material from grouped object/s?. The situation is like this. There are bunch of group objects. Some objects have default material and some have material applied. Then all of the grouped objects are grouped into one big group.

Accidently, you applied a red material to this one big group and all those group of objects that have default material within this one big group will get the red material. The problem is, whatever face your created within the one big group will get the red material.

Do anyone knows how to remove the red material applied on group that have default material? Using remove material plugin from inside the group doesn’t work at all. If the remove material plugin applied on the group, all the materials will back to default. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

There are various material tools available, but in its most basic form you can simply find the relevant group and remove the accidental material using Entity Info.

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