Material thumbnails wrong

Note: See below for a work-around I discovered for the problem mentioned in the original post.

Original post:
The thumbnails in the materials panel are displaying incorrectly. In the screen recording I use the paint bucket to color a wall with various materials. After each material I use “undo” to go back to what it was previously before choosing the next color.


  1. The thumbnail often doesn’t match what’s applied to the wall
  2. The thumbnail itself changes after I hit “undo” to apply the next material

What can I do to make the thumnails show up correctly? This problem does not always occur, but seems to develop as a model gets more complex.

More generally, I’d like to keep my material list as clean and small as possible. But the problem I’m showing here is one of the reasons it gets cluttered – because I can’t find a material I’ve used previously so end up searching for a new one.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: @colin helped me realize I should post a .skp file. Now you should be able to reproduce what I show in the screen capture.
thumbnail.skp (1.2 MB)

I tried opening SketchUp in another browser window and uploaded the same file and noticed the problem was gone. So, I at least have a workaround: download a copy of the file from SketchUp Web, delete the original, and upload the copy back to Sketchup Web.

But I’d still like any advice on avoiding this problem/keeping my materials to a minimum. It seems once you color an object with a new material the only way to remove it is to dig through the model and replace every instance of that material with another color – and then hit the recycle button. It can be very difficult to do this. Especially since in SketchUp it’s possible for colors to be “invisible” if you mistakenly apply them to groups rather than surfaces.

Because of this problem I’m becoming gun-shy about applying new colors/materials.

When I do those steps the thumbnails don’t change. Do you see that problem with all files, or only certain files? Can I try your model?

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