Material Flicker & Distort



My model consists of several car park spaces (components). I’ve shaded my component a dark grey, however when i Orbit my model, the cap parks spaces (component) flicker and distort badly.

As you can see below, the spaces even distort when looking at them from a stand still.

Can anyone suggest what could be wrong? Thanks in advance.


You have more than one material on the same plane.
You have your component rectangle sitting on the same spot as your ground plane, so sketchup doesn’t know which material to show. To avoid it, try giving your component a thickness.


The effect is called z-fighting. If you don’t want to give your components a thickness, you can move them up a little bit (some mm or cm).


excellent, thanks guys.


It is called z-fighting. There are two faces at the same 3D location (the parking spaces and the ground under them) and SketchUp cannot decide which one to display. I would perhaps activate the hole-cutting property of the parking space component. You will have to place them once again.