Material color not match

I have a very strange problem. The pillow is textured by the orange fabric which is on the asset editor, while the result as you can see is red… the face is front. What can be the reason???

it looks like the pillow has another material, maybe its an old material witch didn’t update correctly…
it happens sometimes on vray.

I suggest u closing and reopening the project.

Did you change the color of the material in SketchUp?


It is really strange what you show me now,
as far as I knew, the color of the vfb is the one which is in the asset editor.
Is it not???

Now, after seeing the gif, you also found out that the colors may differ under certain conditions. And you can test how to set it up yourself.

Yes, Absolutely. I will try it !!
Thank you very much !!

Can you please share how you make the gif?

Use Google and search for keywords, such as ‘screen gif recorder’, and then test and choose one of the many programs available.
Then search YouTube for tutorials for the program you have chosen.

You can also use search in this forum and then the same steps to learn from the tutorials on YouTube.

Thank you very much !!! :innocent: