V-Ray 3.6 Color Doesn't Match

Hi! I have a problem about the colors in V-Ray Render. It doesn’t match to the set colors in SketchUp. It turns into white in V-Ray since it is their original color. But I changed the colors using Sketchup Material and it won’t match in V-Ray. Are there any ways for these to match?

Also. Is there an eyedropper tool that I can use in V-ray? So it’ll be exactly the same color.

If you created the green material based on an existing one (with texture) changing only the color in SketchUp:

  • or change your color texture in an external editing software (Affinity, Photoshop)
  • or change the color in V-ray

Use the eyedropper tool from SketchUp.

Yes. We can change the color in V-Ray. But is there an eyedropper tool in V-Ray 3.6? Like in SketchUp Material? So I can match a specific color.

Are the faces reversed?

You can set the exact color


No actually

Right! The values. Thank you! It worked.

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