Match photo : What's wrong with my axis choices AND where'd my colors go?

Can anyone tell me why I can get the cube I drew (left) to accept colors?

Harder: Where should I align my axes to for correct Match Photo perspective?

Looks like you could stand to improve the alignment of the red and green references. I’d probably put the lower of both of them along the near edges of the rug . The top red one along the top of the wall and move the green one over across the bottom of the upper windows. Don’t be stingy with them. Make them longer and they’ll be easier to place accurately.

As to why the box you drew in the background is displayed as transparent is because of the style setting you are using. Edit the style and turn off the Foreground image. Don’t forget to update the style after you do that. Click on the thumbnail with the circular arrows to update.


Wow thanks Dave!
Lengthening the perspective axes certainly did improve things.
Opacity situation is also fixed…
Thanks again.