Match Photo in SU for Schools any time soon?

My class this for year starts Monday and the theme is perspective drawing. I’m starting out hand drawing, but in a few weeks my plan is to introduce SU basics and eventually teach Match Photo. It looks like Match Photo is still not implemented in SU for Schools, correct?

I’ve taught match photo in a couple previous years when we used Make, but last year we used SU for Schools for the Tiny House project. The machines we used to work on are gone, and now I’m in a new room with different Macs - not a problem for using SU for Schools (that’s a feature!), but SUfS wont do Match Photo as I need to this time.

My choices then are what:

  • Go back to SU Make 2017?
  • SU Pro Demo hopefully lasting long enough for 4 weeks of classes?
  • An academic license which means asking administration for the money to do that?

My school is a private high school, not a public school, so I don’t know if they are included in any kind of state wide (Connecticut) SU licensing program, which I don’t know is thing or not.

Not sure if this is standalone, but can be used in Blender. While it isn’t in SU, it might be a temporary fix to allow students to learn the concept?


I saw that, and maybe I can look into Blender at some point. I’d be interested to know if it can deal with one point perspectives which SU can’t.

it says:

When there’s only one vanishing point, fSpy relies on the user to provide

  1. the focal length of the camera
  2. the direction between the first and second vanishing points

The focal length of the camera is specified in the camera data section of the settings panel. The picture in this example was taken with a Canon 60D using a 24 mm lens.

In single vanishing point mode, the control for the second vanishing point is a single line segment. This segment defines the direction between the first and second vanishing points, or equivalently, the rotation around the axis of the first vanishing point.

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