Match photo for non perspective drawings?

I need to determine the thickness of the molding around the bottom of this hood, but was only given this drawing…
Will match photo be of any use to this endeavor?
Any other ideas?

Thanks !

I don’t believe so as it looks like an isometric. You could try what @TheOnlyAaron has been showing in his live streams of machine parts on YouTube even just today where he imports the image as a watermark, models the basic shape, and then orbits the view to match.

The molding thickness you are looking for cannot be reliably determined from PhotoMatch. The drawing has otherwise all the relevant dimensions for building the model. It would take an experienced modeller probably less time than setting up a PhotoMatch scene.

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If you had something else to work from, maybe a 2D front view, you could probably use this and that view to get a pretty good approximation of the molding dimensions but with only the image you supplied, it’s going to be a guess.

FWIW, NMatch Photo requires lines in the image that run off to vanishing points. By definition that drawing doesn’t have those lines.

From a properly scaled and drawn isomatric drawing measurements can be taken from the drawing.
To do so import the drawing into SU an scale it 1:1 with the tape measurement tool.
Now you kan take measurements from it.

Properly drawn is the key. It might be properly drawn but the erasure and replacement of some of the dimensions would make me question whether or not this one is properly drawn. I wouldn’t be inclined to trust this drawing to take measurements from.

You are right Dave, the drawing is probebly not drawn correctly / precise.
But if this is your only source you can only measure in the drawing or eyeball the sizes.

Of course armed with that drawing and Google’s image search, you might find a photograph that would be close enough to suitable for Match Photo. Probably won’t be perfect but might be enough to allow you to make a pretty reasonable and educated guess as to the thickness of the molding.

This photo worked to a point.


Wow thanks Dave!
Can you tell me the type of arc you used to create that?
(Mastering the highly revered fair curve with SketchUp’s tools has been a challenge for me)…

The curve on the upper part of the hood is a Bezier curve.

(Also see thread Model Along Live! More Machine Parts! by @TheOnlyAaron.
I have taken the first example, calling it A-ISO.)
You can do something similar to ‘Match Photo’ with crisp isometric images.
Your image doesn’t look that well though.
Here goes.
Create a cube frame along the x/y/z axes.
Create a diagonal face inside, using this frame.
Place your isometric image on this face. It will have the perfect angles in space to work ontop in ‘Paralle Projection’ mode with ‘ISO’ view.
Scale the ISO.png to the correct size!

The machine part that @TheOnlyAaron provided wasn’t crisp, although I used it to model the part.

To demonstrate that this method works I then made a new ISO.png from that 3D part.
when superimposing both ISO.png and model they perfectly match.

So in other words: with a crisp ISO image you could model ontop of the ISO/Parallel mode view. More or less as Match Photo.

@TheOnlyAaron’s image

My 3D model exported a png

The procedure to demonstate how they match.

Rotated view to prove that the model is actually / could be created on the image.


I Match-made the model on an isometric image in SketchUp Free.
The free version has no Match Photo feature.

And here is the file to inspect:
A-ISO.skp (370.7 KB)

Inspect the model in X-ray !