Possible to photo match an isometric image?



I am trying to recreate a model from a PDF image
There is no option when in photo match to select parallel projection but I’m wondering if there’s another way?

I know i could just redraw but I am just wondering if it’s possible in anyway


Because there’s no camera with which you can shoot a parallel projection image…


its not a photo tho is it^^


But the tool is called PHOTOmatch :wink:


I suppose you could import it as an image and trace over it but making it 3D would be a challenge. I’d probably just import it and set it a bit in the background for reference and draw it from scratch. It wouldn’t take very long to draw that simple thing.


" I’m wondering if there’s another way?"


Yeah would be a challenge :joy: Yeah I’m redrawing it now was just wondering if anyone knew a way
thanks anyway DaveR