Match Photo difficulty

I am having difficulty bringing in a photo to put my already built model on site. I went through the pains of rotating and I think I figured that out as a ‘Windows is so helpful’ problem. The photo, no matter which view I have, or where my camera is, or that I have already lined up the axis of green, red and origin, simply cannot work. The model gets completely skewed into the foreground as if I haven’t set the image. (I turned off model check box and lined up image in perspective, and put the camera in the correct spot, then turned model back on to find it was not even able to be viewed, no matter what I did.)

I see some other topics about this, but I have been through those issues and figured I would try a new one.

If you were to share the image and the SKP file, we might be able to give you some useful assistance.

you know what? Before I do that, do you think that if my model is a reference in the file I am trying to put the image in, it could create this problem? It only occurred to me as I was about to upload it because I wondered if I needed to attach the reference like old school Autocad.

I’m not sure if that would do it but if the model was geo-located, that might cause you some trouble.

ahhhh,. Ok. I think I will take the model out and put it in a new file and see if it will work. Ill let you know, thanks!