Matched Photo Scaling Issue

I’m having a difficulty that I haven’t come across before, and maybe it’s the structure I’m working with, but it appears (as you can see with my screenshot) that I am having an issue with scaling the photo/model around the other, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to fix the issue. I know for a fact that I have the correct measurements, and the lens I used on the camera was nothing special or out of the ordinary, so my question is, is there something anyone can see that might be affecting the end result of the matchup? Thanks in advance.

How are you going about trying to adjust the scale of the image? Or have you tried? If you share the SKP file, we can help you solve it quickly.

This might be a dumb question but did you try scaling the model up by hovering over the blue (or maybe yellow) axis?

yeah, if you hove over the blue (i think it works with the other axes too) it’ll let you make your model bigger or smaller

The idea isn’t to scale the model to fit the photo. It’s to scale the photo to fit the model.

If I’m not mistaken it moves the model closer to the image, it doesn’t scale anything.

It changes the size of the photo relative to the model.

Do you just want the .skp file? or the image file as well? At this moment in time, all I really need to match up exactly (or close to exact) is the wall that says “Arvada Flour Mills.” Because no matter what I do, it always seems off and this is the first time I’ve dealt with this sort of issue in matching photos…

Both would be handy. If you don’t want to share them publicly, send them by private message.

I’ll just share them here, at least for the current time their availability to the public isn’t a concern. Thanks…

And because of their size, I’m just going to link to the files here:

[ Flour Mill.skp](Sketchup File)


Was your image cropped? Photomatch cannot get it right if the optical center and the midpoint of the photo do not match.

Did you model the building from actual measurements or from old drawings? Some features like the length of the eaves and perhaps the roof pitch of the lower part do not seem to match with the reality.


Did you resolve this issue as I am trying to match a photo to a model where I know the actual measurements of the model ( a simple rectangle to start with). Using Mac and drone photo

I do this all the time. I start a model with measurements and then match it to a photo. The scaling task is done by hovering over the blue axis and dragging up and down. It helps to pick a useful spot for the origin. Using the axis tool to set the origin (and I mean a different one for each Match Photo you do) is the first step you do before importing the photo. I have had times where it was hard to find the magic spot over (or sometimes near?) the blue axis to drag for scale. Often, as you scale you get one side to match, but not the other, so you have to go back by trial and error to adjust the vanishing points until you get the best all around match. For adjustments you can grab not only the red and green boxes, but the lines themselves, the horizon line itself, and the vanishing points if you zoom back enough to see them.

What @RTCool said.

Another way to do this which I generally use is to import the image into a new SketchUp file and get the vanishing points and the origin located correctly. To get the image scaled properly, I’ll draw a line along a known dimension, measure it with the Tape Measure tool (making sure to click at each end) and then type the dimension it should be.

After I have the image set up, I import the model and position it as needed.

This implies to me that you may be using an aerial image of the ground? In order to set up an image with Match Photo, you need lines running off to vanishing points on the horizon to guide the placement of the red and green lines. Without those straight lines as references it’ll be difficult to get the image right.


Thank you for the information. I have manage to get the model close. However, I am struggling with the angles of the roof and am wondering if I have taken the drone photographs at too steep and angle. The centre of the model roof floor does not match up with the centre of the match photo roof if I use a vertical guide from model. I have attached a the match photo for explanation



It’s not great but it might work out fairly close.

Just looking at it, I think the roof may indeed be unequal. The peak looks too far to right from where I would expect it. See in @DaveR’s illustration how the blue axis tilts left? The hip caps from the near to far corner should bend left, not right.

If you have access to the attic, you can check the roof pitches for verification.