Photomatch universal scale

I don’t typically use photomatch so I don’t have much experience with it. I usually draw 1:1 when modelling in SU. However on this project I thought a photomatch might be an interesting conceptual presentation idea. I had already drawn my site and other basic information at 1:1, then added a photomatch scene. It wasn’t to scale so I adjusted the scale of the photomatch to a known dimension. Only now do I realise that it has adjusted the scale of the total model. So I’m guessing either I lose my photomatch scale OR I lose my 1:1 draughting scale. Hence my layout file is now out of scale. My option right now (I suppose) is to save a second file and try reset the total model scale (resize model in SU terms). However I thought I’d check if there was perhaps a ‘magic button’ that could rescue the file? Perhaps scaling the photomatch (and associated modelling) back to the desired 1:1 draughting scale?

Modeling to dimensional accuracy first and then adding Match Photo is something I do all the time. It sounds like you may have scaled the model with the tape measure tool? That’s not what you want to do. There’s a part of Match Photo process where you drag the mouse near one of the axes to scale the view of the model to match the photo (without actually scaling the model like you do with the tape measure.) I’m not sure, but you might scale the model back down to the correct dimensions, and then edit the Match Photo scene and scale it correctly.

Thanks @RTCool. Yes, I saw a post elsewhere on the forum (can’t remember if it was Dave or Anssi) who suggested using the measuring tape to get accurate scale when using photomatch. I simply didn’t realise the implications of using the measuring tape. I suppose I could “reverse engineer” (change the scale back again) the photomatch scene and then work backwards through my workflow, adjusting other scenes and then my layout file. Oivei!!
Fortunately I’m moving on to the next stage of the design process, so I think it’s simpler right now to save another SU file, create another LO file with a new titleblock and hope I never have to edit this file again. :joy:

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