Changing the Units/Scale Of Match Photo?

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to match a photo but the scale of the model is about 1/2 scale and I can’t figure out how to change it. I have to model a sign for our building but the photo I took is importing and creating a smaller scale… How do I change this? I rarely use Photo Match because I’ve never really had great success with it…

The sign needs to be 24" wide x 60" tall and when I draw a line out to something that looks proportional it’s coming in at 1’ wide… So assuming everything is half scale I modeled out a few options but it’s creating an odd porportion on things. Compared to the cars next to it this sign is probably way taller than 5 ft in real scale.

Is there a way to change the scale of these models? Here’s a screenshot of the model I’m working with. Let me know what you think,


You can adjust the size of the MatchPhoto image by going back into the MatchPhoto settings and dragging up or down along the blue axis to make some know height match the grid interval setting you’ve made. Alternatively, and my usual process, is to draw a line tracing some know dimension in the photo. Then measure that line with the Tape Measure tool making sure to click at each end. Type the correct dimension for that line and hit Enter. You’ll be asked if you want to resize the model. Choose Yes. Then get on with drawing your sign.

lol thanks Dave. I usually scale with the Tape Measure as well but for some reason it works about half the time. Naturally the first time I type it in after reading this it works like a charm. Thanks.

Glad it worked.

I occasionally forget to make the second click before typing the dimension which is why I always try to remember to mention it when describing the resizing process.

I do it all the time scaling floorplans and such for models I build here but sometimes if I’m not in the group or or something it just creates a guide instead of rescaling the model. Sometimes it just doesn’t rescale at all.