How to scale image and model in photomatch

I am working on a pool area for a client and they want to see what a water feature would look like in a particular spot. i am photo matching this in but when i build my basic model frame of the area i am going to landscape the scale is completely out of proportion. is there a way to scale the photo and model or should i just scale down the base model so i have accurate measurements and then scale it back up when i want to match it with the photo again at the end?

You can define the scale while in photomatch mode with

  • the spacing textbox in combination with
  • click and drag on the blue axis

How do I get my photo matched drawing to scale?

Assuming you have already drawn the model, use the Tape Measure tool to measure a known distance. Make sure you click on each end. Then type the correct dimension and hit Enter.

I want to take a photo and model my drawing to its proportions and my drawing be to scale. Do I match the photo with drawing and when done, scale my drawing?

You can resize the image by dragging on the blue axis while in Match Photo edit mode. I find it easier to get the image set up and at least start modeling before worrying about the size.

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