Match Photo blue axis alignment



table.skp (324.6 KB)

I’m trying to adjust the perspective lines to create a table but I can not in any way align the blue axis (which is vital for the perfect alignment of the model to the photo).

I do not know why in some Photo Match it is possible to do the perfect alignment but in others it is very difficult.

Someone help me?


it’s usually because of the focal length of the lens mismatch


It’s not a great photo for Match Photo to start with but it looks as though it may have been cropped, too. That will prevent Match Photo from working correctly. The focal length of the lens isn’t really the problem. That’s part of what setting up the Match Photo lines takes care of.

In order for Match Photo to work correctly, the image needs to be uncropped and you need to have clear lines running off to vanishing points on the horizon. A 3/4 view is generally required.

You can get it closer if you move the bottom green line up to the bottom edge of the concrete and tweak the end points. pull the ends of the lines farther apart to make fine adjustment easier. The near corner and far end won’t be quite right but that’s probably easier to deal with, anyway.


I tried to do what you said, but still I can not get the perfect fit like yours …

but thank you anyway.

My Match Photo:


you can see at the end of the table that the photo is not perfectly aligned :sleepy:


That’s correct. That’s why I wrote: “…and far end won’t be quite right…” I just prevented the extrusion from going quite as far as you did.

A better photograph would give you better results. If that’s a piece you have access to, take another photo from more to the right than this one so the view is more of a 3/4 view. Make sure not to crop the image and you’ll have better luck.

If I had access to that piece, I would take photographs with the camera set square to each face and then import them as textures and apply them to the appropriate faces and skip Match Photo altogether.