Master plan and planting plans in Layout?

Hello, is it possible to create large scale master plan layouts in Layout for gardens and landscapes? Like architectural drawings. Also to add planting plans - essentially just circles with plant names in them, or coloured circles with a key?

If so, are there any guides or tutorials to help me get started understanding how Layout works to do this?

I don’t need it to link to a 3D model at this point - though that is something I’ll look to do in future.

Yes that’s definitely possible. Re: workflow…how are you starting the process? Are you using a CAD base of your site? A hand drawn sketch survey?..since you’re not using a 3D model the process would take place entirely in LayOut and would vary slightly depending on what info you’re starting with.

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Focus, I guess, is on linking to a SketchUp model but perhaps some useful Layout tips in these YouTube channels…

There’s also the official SketchUp Layout help pages.


Specifically addressing your query about using Layout for master plan layouts, then as Eric say, yes it is possible to use Layout for this.

I often create site plans directly in Layout not linking to the SketchUp project model making use of the scaled drawing feature.

If required I will populate the plan with CAD blocks that I will have imported first into a separate Layout file to cleanup and customise (or draw my own).

My 1:10 / 1:5 details are directly drawn in Layout. 1:50 / 1:20 drawings will use the SketchUp model but wil have Layout linework overlays.

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Everything is possible and easy to achieve if you understand how to use Tags, Scenes and Styles to organise the model and generate the correct lineweights, colours, hatching, etc.

In my models I also have 2d Symbols that swap out to the equiavalent 3d (detailed) models when I render it, So in the same plan you can have everything in life-like 3d.

SketchUp has a basic Reporting function that can put all trees/plants into a Report table.
LayOut has a Table function that you can link and synchronise with an Excel speadsheet if you prefer to do you quantities, species,grades, etc in Excel.

However, when it comes to labelling each specimen tree or plant bed, there is no automatic labelling tool (yet) in LayOut (you have to label things item by item). This may be an issue if your workflow involves 100s of plant ID labels that need to be updated often (and put into schedules).
There will probably be SketchUp extensions that can help with this process, there are quite a lot of Landscape-specific extensions available.

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Thank you for your help everyone, I will explore Layout a bit further today in that case.